ICWI Steps Forward as Advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness

by: - January 23, 2020
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The Insurance Company of The West Indies which takes over the portfolio of First Domestic Insurance Company says it has an interest in eliminating breast cancer deaths.

Paul Lalor is President of ICWI which launched this past weekend.

He is adamant that his company will be a responsible corporate citizen and will give back in ways that matter.

Lalor says breast cancer is one of those causes.

“We need to put a movement in place to make sure we can raise funds and awareness so breast cancer can, as soon as possible, be a thing of the past,” he said.

Lalor explains, “We think it’s an important part of any community to focus on bringing awareness to early detection and to those people who can’t afford breast cancer treatment.

“Women are the heart of a home so a sick wife or mother means that homes are not quite the same and we need to make sure that we stop that from happening.”