IOM Trains 10 in Disaster Response

by: - January 20, 2020
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The International Office on Migration is proud to present 10 individuals who have successfully completed a course in emergency preparedness, response and recovery.

An agency focused specifically on migrant affairs, the IOM says three non-nationals were part of the class.

The objective is to produce capable and willing resources that will be able to support the national emergency planning organization, office of disaster management ODM and community disaster management groups in the event of disaster.

The IOM says one of the lessons learnt from Hurricane Maria was that consideration must be given not only to the population of locals and nationals during emergencies, but also to residents and workers from foreign countries.  If provisions are not made for migrants living in country and for short-term visitors this could lead to a “disaster within a disaster”.

Over the course of the 5-day training, participants were provided with tools to facilitate engagement and preparedness of communities of non-nationals, including coordination mechanisms and techniques for conveying the messages of preparedness to the communities.

The training also included exercises to begin important actions for improving engagement and protection of migrant communities such as adaptation of preparedness posters for migrant communities and development of a contact directory of translators and interpreters, embassies and consulates, community based groups and associations, and key referral organisations who would provide support.

Trainer, Chiara Milano at the closing ceremony shared the importance of considering the migrant population who can be affected by disaster and who could prove to be useful in mitigating the dangers.

said there is a considerable migrant


population in Dominica as there is in most parts of the world who can be affected in times of disasters.

“We also know that migrants are key to a country’s recovery and this is why it is so important to include them into our emergency preparedness and response,” Milano indicated.

The participants were also trained to become trainers themselves. The 10 included two Haitians, 1 Haitian-Bahamian and 1 Jamaican.

This is the first such event for Dominica.