500 Houses for Kalinago Territory- Housing Minister

by: - January 14, 2020
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                      Reginald Austrie (file photo)

Hon Minister for Housing, Senior Minister Reginald Austrie told the Kalinago Territory that it will see targeted action for the improvement of housing in the Kalinago Territory, promising 500 climate-resilient homes.

He says this is in addition to housing repairs and rebuilding of homes damaged by Hurricane Maria.

Hon Austrie listed, “One, the engagement of local builders in home renovation, repairs and reconstruction with direct support in collaboration with Kalinago Council. There are over twenty-five homes within this program with over ten builders engaged.

“Two, the introduction of Montreal Management Consultants Est. (MMCE). We have targeted between 200 and 250 units for the Kalinago Territory.

“Three, the acceleration of designs and construction work for the pledge of 50 homes ongoing through the financing of the European Commission.

“Four, the World Bank Housing Recovery Program which will provide support for at least 40 families who lost their homes.

“Five, the continuation of the erection of homes in partnership with Sustainable Housing Solutions Limited who has provided the first ten pre-cast concrete homes in Sineku,” Hon Austrie said.

He was speaking at the handing over of 10 houses to families in Concord over the weekend.

Those houses were built by Sustainable Housing Solutions Ltd which Hon Austrie says is currently working on another 20 homes.