National Security Ministry Spotlights Community Policing Plan

by: - January 13, 2020
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The Hon Minister for National Security, Rayburn Blackmoore is hoping that with a full complement of police officers and other measures undertaken by his Ministry, a more effective community policing programme can get off the ground.

This is a strategy of policing that focuses on building ties and working closely with members of the communities.

Hon Blackmoore addressed a ceremony to introduce 28 new police officers to the force last week affirming that higher expectations are being placed on the security forces.

This is why, he says, each police officer must catch the vision.

“In a changing and more dynamic society, citizens are going to expect more from the police force. They will want public places to be safe with an expectation of a reassuring police presence to help them feel secure. This approach also requires greater engagement between the public and the police. In this regard, the entire force must buy into the idea of community policing.

He declared, “That element of suspicion that exists between police and public must be addressed and I am convinced that community policing is the answer.”

He tells the nation that there will be forward movement in community policing by way of a national community policing plan which will be developed.

To lead the way, Government has engaged David Michael- a Dominican and former Scotland Yard police officer.

Michael is a decorated former police officer in the UK, recently winning a high honour, the Order of the British Empire award for his work and community service.

David Michael