“They Will be Removed” -PM on Derelict Vehicles

by: - January 8, 2020
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The Hon Prime Minister is issuing a warning to owners of abandoned and derelict vehicles.

Hon Skerrit was speaking in Portsmouth when he outlined the issue as a nuisance.

“If you go across Dominica on the highways and in the city, in the town of Portsmouth, everywhere in Dominica, people believe that they can bring these old vehicles…and just put them by the roadside and not pay attention to them,” he said.

“I’m warning all of you who have derelict vehicles that they will be removed and very quickly. If we have to go to Parliament to change the law, we will go change the law.

Hon Skerrit added, “It is a safety and health issue. All of these derelict vehicles in residential areas where people built their homes are bringing down the value of the property. It is creating a health risk [bringing] rats and roaches. We must all work together to get them off the streets.”