DOWASCO Describes 2019 as Productive

by: - December 30, 2019
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                                               General Manager of DOWASCO

DOWASCO is reporting that 2019 was a productive year for the service.

General Manager, Bernard Ettinofe revealed that while facing down the challenges that persist to this day from Hurricane Maria, the water and sewage company has performed remarkably.

“It’s a year in which we continued to build our systems following Tropical Storm Erika; we had made significant progress up to then,” he shared.

“We had rebuilt, then in 2017 we had Hurricane Maria which had devasted everything that we had and took away all the gains that we had made. We were happy that by 2019 we were able to rebuild all the systems so we were back at almost 100% coverage,” he said.

He is satisfied that the $30m investment in water area one that encompasses mero to castle comfort is functioning reliably.

Salisbury and Morne Rachette water systems were identified as having posed some difficulty but were restored to best performance this year.

Meantime, Ettinofe says, challenges persist.

“Notwithstanding, there are some challenges to some of the systems since some of the intakes were compromised by landslides and resulting silt, some people continue to experience water outages more frequently than we would like. Some people experience turbidity when it rains heavily,” he assured, “We would prefer not to have outages at all.

He says while basic service and functionality has been restored island-wide, 2020 will be a year to improve on all systems making them more resistant to damage from natural events.

Ettinoffe adds, “Going forward in 2020, we intend to strengthen all the systems; revisit all the systems and see what can be done to make them more climate-resilient.

“As priority, we intend to target Laudat, Wotten Waven, Trafalgar, Castle Bruce, and the west coast systems have to be looked at carefully. We have to implement projects to ensure that they are resilient and supply the needs of the people.”

DOWASCO says it is once again close to 100% in water coverage of the entire island placing the status at 98.5%