Four Earthquakes Automatically Detected by UWI Seismic Research Centre

by: - December 27, 2019
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The UWI Seismic Research Centre is reporting four earthquakes between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

According to automatic posts on the agency’s Facebook page, monitoring equipment detected the first earthquake, a 4.0 magnitude on December 24th at 2:55 pm between Dominica and Martinique.

The second was hours later on Christmas morning at 9:23, a 4.2 further north past Antigua.

A third, a 4.2 magnitude earthquake was detected in the early hours of Boxing Day at 3:54 am between Dominica and Martinique.

On Thursday night at 9:37 pm, a 4.7 magnitude earthquake was felt in Guadeloupe and Antigua.

Three of the quakes were felt at 10km deep and the other at 137 km deep.

The Seismic centre of UWI says the posts were automatically detected and as of press time were not manually analysed by the experts.  They are considered preliminary results.

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