Trinidad Makes Provisions for Managed Marijuana Use

by: - December 24, 2019
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As of Monday December 23, marijuana possession is decriminalized in Trinidad.

The Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Act, passed by both houses of Parliament earlier this month, decriminalizes possession of 30 to 60 grammes of cannabis.

After proclamation of the Act, people would be allowed to have up to 30 grammes of marijuana without penalty and smoke in private dwellings, but not in public or commercial buildings.

There is an upper limit of 60 grammes, for which an individual would be issued a fixed penalty, and once that fine is paid on time they would have no criminal record.

The Act will also enable people to grow four marijuana plants.

Persons who are incarcerated for the minimum quantities of the drug will also be eligible for release, and those with convictions can get their records expunged.

Prime Minister Rowley said this will be done “in a fairly expeditious way, without obstacle, but it has to be processed in the legal way.”

The Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Bill had been debated with the Cannabis Control Bill, which will establishes a Cannabis Control Bill to administer a licensing/registration regime to legitimize, establish accountability and transparency for the use of cannabis by persons and bodies engaged in religious, sacramental, medicinal and commercial activities. However, the latter was sent to a joint select committee.