Belles Road Restoration by Saturday

by: - December 20, 2019
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                       Hon Senator Cassani Laville

Newly appointed Honorable Minister for Public Works, Senator Cassani Laville on his second day on the job informed that the initial restoration project estimated over EC $700,000 has been intensified to restore the full functionality of the road.

“We have seen that there is a lot of water at the foothill [because] at the top of the hill, dasheen is grown,” he explains, “Because of the soil type, the contractor started excavation to do the base of the retaining wall and it collapsed in the process.

“That collapse was expected but the magnitude was not predicted. The Public Works Ministry has engaged another contractor with more resources to mobilise and restore access to the people in the area.”

He added that “Dr Adis King, the Hon Parliamentary Representative for the area has been on top of this from the beginning to ensure that the residents are fully aware of what’s going on and know the plan.

“The bypass is being done; the area has been excavated and base material is being stockpiled to surface the road. These works are expected to be completed by Saturday,” Senator Laville assures.

“The Ministry of Public Works sees this project as critical, we do not want to have any type of disruptio. [Cabinet] wants to get a feel of what is going on and ensure that all the contractors are taking this seriously and that people’s lives can return to normal as soon as possible.”