PM Skerrit Links DLP Manifesto to Administrative Changes

by: - December 18, 2019
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Hon Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit wants the nation to see the DLP’s campaign manifesto as a social contract between government and people.

According to him, the ministerial portfolios mirror the policy commitments made in the manifesto, and will chart the way for the Dynamic Dominica which he has promised to build.

“This is a signal of the Government’s intention to deliver on a vision for a Dynamic Dominica. In many instances, the names and formulations of the ministries are new, they represent a departure from the traditional nomenclature with which you would have been accustomed. I have repeatedly stressed that Dominica must fully modernize the way we do business, at both the levels of the private sector and the government. I have therefore used some more modern formulations for ministerial portfolio assignments,” Honorable Skerrit expounded.

Meanwhile, another change to the traditional is the newly-titled rank of Senior Minister given to Hon Reginald Austrie, as opposed to deputy prime minister.

He divulged that Austrie, like himself is a senior politician with less time left in active politics than already served.

“But political parties must reinvent and renew themselves and older politicians move on. I am therefore leaving the door open for a new deputy to find favor with the public and emerge during this term to play a pivotal role in a transition that must of necessity take place within our party.”

He says his party’s manifesto can be held as a map to the new Dynamic Dominica and new ways of doing the island’s business.