Karessa Hints of Government Position

by: - December 17, 2019
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Gregory ‘Karessah’ Riviere – Former DLP Candidate for Marigot Constituency


Gregory Karessa Riviere who was defeated in his bid to represent the Marigot seat, a United Workers Party (UWP) stronghold, is hinting that he may be part of the new government.

Riviere lost by 613 votes.

Addressing supporters at a thank you, meeting last evening in Marigot, Riviere invited his supporters and constituents to the official cabinet Ministers swearing in ceremony this afternoon.

“I want you to come to witness me taking my oath [tomorrow] at the swearing I ceremony of the cabinet,” he joyfully expressed.

Riviere went on to say thank you to supporters and assure of his advocacy.

“We will not close our office. We have about nine months and we have made so many strides. Now we are going to have ideas to put things in place, ladies and gentlemen. So to those of you who think Karessa is going somewhere, Karessa is not going anywhere. We going to work together and we are going to build our constituency.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that we can keep the candle burning in Marigot…. I hope we can pursue our development agenda in Marigot. We have quite a lot of work to do. We have already started work on the Hospital, we have started work on the health center, and we have started work on the Valley Road. We have a lot of work to do and we really have to put ourselves together.”

The official swearing ceremony of Cabinet Ministers is scheduled to take place this afternoon from 5:00 p.m. at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium and will be carried live on Vibes Radio 99.5 F.M.