Senior Counsel Astaphan: “You Cannot Win a Case with Something Stuck in Your Head.””

by: - December 17, 2019
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Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan

Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan finds interesting the United Worker’s Party’s accusations of stolen elections.

The Senior Counsel recalls that the opposition filed similar cases challenging election results unsuccessfully in 2005 and 2009.

However, Astaphan acknowledges that it is the party’s right to challenge the results in court.

He cautions that the proceedings may not get very far if the opposition presents the court with same petition that was presented prior to the election.

Senior Counsel Astaphan states, “They’re going to have to convince the court that massive irregularities occurred, which none of the observers saw. All of the observers said that there were no irregularities on the day of the election and the election was conducted in accordance with the law and international best practices. So that’s going to be an interesting challenge for them.

“The other one I’m assuming is going to be that the Labour party flew in 8,000 voters to steal the election. If that is where they are going, then, they are dead from the start because the Dominica Air and Sea Port Authority has put out a statement saying that including everybody, including children, observers, members of the media, it was just over 2,000 people who came in during that time. A difference of only 500 from the year before.”

Senior Counsel Astaphan, who expects that he may be representing the Labor Party in court, says it appears that the opposition is continuing their campaign of “fake news” as a vehicle to progress with the election petition.

He says however that he will be patient.

“We will wait and see whats happening. I think that the vast majority of us, and in fact the region, the world, the OAS, the American government, the regional governments, CARICOM, Commonwealth, and all of the other stakeholders that the country deals with have accepted the results as free and fair, and are marching on.

“Mr. Linton is caught in his vortex of his own creations that is his fake news of corruption, fraud and stealing of an election. You cannot win a case with something stuck in your head.”