UWP Announces Legal Action Over Election Results

by: - December 16, 2019
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Opposition Leader Lennox Linton


The United Workers Party leader, Lennox Linton says he will contest the election results in court.

He made the announcement on Thursday evening at a rally in the city.

Linton has held since the announcement of the election date that the vote would be unfairly influenced by the Labour Party and had said that his party would run for government anyway.

When the general election results were revealed, he told Facebook that the Labour Party had stolen the elections-specifically the 18 seats which they won- but that the three seats won by his Workers party were fairly earned.

At the party event earlier this week, Linton said his party has no choice but to take the matter to court and continue the protest.

The Opposition leader stated, “We have not had much success in the court over the years, but that is neither here nor there. It is a tool that we have that we will continue to use. Our contention is that things went wrong, and those things that have gone wrong must be set right.

“One of the [plans] on which we are moving forward is a court challenge and we are in the process now of assembling the evidence, working with our legal team. But our struggle, our protest action for rights in Dominica must continue. And it’s a protest, it is very simple: electoral reform, and fresh elections.”