PM Proposes Complaints Mechanism for Public Servants

by: - December 13, 2019
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Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

The establishment of a mechanism outside of the Public Service Commission through which public servants can get redress for grievances is on the agenda for the new cabinet.

Hon Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister shared the recommendation recently.

“Outside of the administrators of the public service, I believe that we need to put a system in place so that people who are grieved by the actions of the administrators have an opportunity to be heard,” he said.

“I understand that they can write to the Public Service Commission but the Cabinet, I believe, has to take a keener interest in the welfare of the public officers and provide them with an avenue where they can express their concerns. If they feel that they are being unfairly treated, they can make an opportunity to be heard. There are too many of those complaints going around some of which are legitimate concerns and I don’t think it is fair to pretend that it is not happening.”

He says he intends to deal with the matter frontally highlighting some of the challenges that public officers face today.

“The idea of people acting in a position for 10 years or unappointed for 15 years; they don’t know whether they are coming or going; they cannot go to the bank to get any sizeable loan to build their homes; they are unable to assist their [children] studying because their tenure is uncertain. These are legitimate fears and concerns and we have to address this in a very urgent manner.”