Give Back Get Back Plan, Development Institute for Roseau South

by: - December 12, 2019
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 Chekira Lockhart-Hypolite.


Chekira Lockhart-Hypolite, Parliamentary Representative-elect for the Roseau South Constituency, says she has big plans for her district.

She told Dominica Vibes that she intends to conduct a needs survey, initiate a governing structure and establish a development institute all with the support of the private sector.

Lockhart-Hypolite says she will begin by first identifying the more urgent needs of her constituents.

“The draft of a socio-economic needs survey for the entire Roseau South has already been formulated. It is my view that we use adequate scientific and empirical information to help formulate policy to tackle our many challenges. We have to prioritise needs; particular attention shall be paid to the most indigent in our midst to create greater social equity,” she believes.

Lockhart-Hypolite also says a Land Use Plan is also being considered.

She adds that in order to ensure efficient and effective representation she will enlist the support of additional manpower with a new governing structure designed specifically for Roseau South.

“The Roseau South Development Institute shall be a key institutional engine to facilitate that initiative. That structure shall be manned by the Roseau South human resource entities both at home and in the diaspora covering key institutions and persons,” she explains.

“The local private sector has to be engaged,” Hypolite says. “They must become critical partners in this new era working closely with central government.

“I intend to introduce the Give Back to Get Back Plan. It involves a viable collaborative strategy between our private sector and central government where benefits shall be given to that sector based on employment generation especially among the youth.”

Cheklira Lockhart-Hypolite will officially take office next Wednesday Dec 18th when she is sworn in.