Roseau South MP says Work Begins with Large Scale Community Consultation

by: - December 11, 2019
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Chekira Lockhart Hypolite.

Elected constituency representative for the Roseau South Constituency, Chekira Lockhart-Hypolite is telling her constituents that she will include their input to chart a strategy for building a greater Roseau South.

Lockhart-Hyoplite took over from the UWP’s Joshua Francis with 2,114 votes to Francis’ 1,915.

In an exclusive with Dominica Vibes, she said that the consultations will begin with an intention to unify the district.

“Natural divisions have occurred,” she said of the election season, “and in our quest to realise said goals, it is critical that efforts are made to unify our people. Aligned to this intent is to have broad-based consultations across sectors throughout Roseau South to continue presenting my detailed proposals to the people and organisations.”

Lockhart-Hypolite says she wants “to solicit their response to such plans and seek from them their very ideas to forge a framework for the structured development of Roseau South.”

This is her first foray into national politics and believes that there are lessons to be learnt from those who have gone before.

She said, “For me it is very important that we engage the people. We must listen to them.

“The grassroots must be listened to; they know their plight best. No tree begins with branches. We must use the examples of those who have succeeded as an incentive to get others to do the same.”

Lockhart-Hypolite acknowledges that the work ahead is a challenge and says, “Of course, I am up to the task. Meeting the many needs of all our people is an indispensable aspect of my service to them. This challenge serves as the engine which drives me to work even harder to bring sustainable change to the lives of the people.”

“It is a challenge to inspire hope and to change lives,” she asserts. “It’s a challenge to usher in a new era of transformation and progress in Roseau South.”