Magnitude 3.8 Earthquake 74 Miles South of Dominica

by: - December 9, 2019
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The Office of Disaster Management can confirm the occurrence of two earthquakes at approximately 11:03 p.m. Sunday night and 1:56 a.m. Monday morning, that were reportedly felt by some members of the public.

Information provided by the Seismic Research Center (SRC), which is responsible for earthquake monitoring throughout the Eastern Caribbean, indicated that the first earthquake was of magnitude 4.3 approximately 74 miles east south east of Roseau Dominica and 10 kilometers deep.

The second earthquake occurred in the south of Dominica of magnitude 3.8 and 17 kilometers deep and is part of an ongoing series of earthquakes in that area which may be described as volcanic unrest. The unrest does not necessarily mean that an eruption will occur.

Note that this mont, December marks one year since this unrest episode began and today’s event is very close in magnitude to the largest in the unrest episode, so far.

As seen in 1998, large magnitude earthquakes can occur and so the public should remain vigilant. There were no reports of local impact to persons or property by these earthquakes.

The Office of Disaster Management continues to work closely with the Seismic Research Center in Trinidad to keep you informed.