Lennox Linton Wants “Fresh Elections” Will Not Recognise New Government

by: - December 9, 2019
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Leader of the UWP Lennox Linton

Leader of the United Workers Party, Lennox Linton fresh out of the 2019 General Elections maintains that the elections were rigged and calls for a reelection

The UWP won three seats to the Labour Party’s 18 on Friday when Lennox Linton successfully retained his seat in the Marigot constituency.

The United Workers Party also won the Roseau north and Salisbury constituencies.

On Saturday 7th December 2019, Linton took to social media to share his opinion.

“We had almost 40,000 people voting in this Elections, 23,300 for the Dominica Labour Party and 16,300 for the United Workers Party, according to the figures from the Electoral Office, themselves.

Out of these 23,300, who voted for the Dominica Labour Party, we are told that there are estimates of up to 13,000 people who were brought in, bribed from overseas to come in to  vote in the elections in Dominica. So let us say it was not as high as 13,000 or 12,000, it was 8,000 bribed with airline tickets, bribed with ferry tickets, bribed with spending money in Dominica just to cast a vote for the Dominica Labour Party” he expressed.

Linton alleges “all of that money coming from the sale of the passports of the people of Dominica.”

 Meanwhile, the Hon Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and the visiting observer groups reported that Election Day proceedings were legitimate but Linton maintains his dissent.

“Do the Math: 23,000 people voted for the Dominica Labour Party in an election where 8,000 of them were bribed to leave their overseas residence locations to come to Dominica to vote in elections, a clear violation of the law.

“When you take that 8,000 out of the 23,000, you’re down to 15,300; less than the number of people who voted for the United Workers Party …living in Dominica.

“From that we established clearly that more people living in Dominica voted for the United Workers Party than the Dominica Labour Party and that election was decided by those Dominicans living overseas who were bribed to come down to vote for the Dominica Labour Party,” the UWP leader explained.

Linton went on to conclude that a “fresh elections” are necessary.

“We need now to demand fresh elections and as far as we are concerned, this illegitimate results render elections null and void and it renders the Government null and void. We’ll not recognize this government because it was the result if a stolen election.That’s where we stand,” he said.

Linton concludes that a “fresh elections” are necessary, claiming that the General Elections were partially unfair- that the number of seats gained by the United Workers Party are accurate but the other 18 were not.

“We the United Workers Party consider the three seats that we won were properly won because they had nothing to do with bribing or bringing in any overseas votes. We submitted ourselves to the requirements of the constitutional rule of law and were elected as the representatives of the separate communities in the parliament of Dominica.”