Case For Election Delay Goes to OECS Court of Appeal

by: - December 5, 2019
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The applicants filing to delay tomorrow’s general elections filed an appeal with the OECS Court of Appeal on Wednesday which is being heard today December 5, 2019.

As of press time, the case was still in deliberation with Cara Shillingford representing the applicants and Lennox Lawrence, Heather Felix-Evans, Attorney General, Levi Peter and Stephen Isidore representing the five respondents.

The applicants are arguing that there are irregularities in the election conduct so far that will lead to an inaccurate result worthy of being postponed to a later date.

Those irregularities are listed by the applicants are that: the election writ issued by the chief elections officer was incorrect, and that over a thousand objections to the names on the electors list have not been determined, among others.

Shillingford says her clients’ main concern is not the result of the elections but that electoral laws are respected and adhered to.

The respondents are arguing that what the applicants are describing as irregularities cannot be predetermined to affect the election outcome and say that if the outcome is affected, Dominica’s constitution provides for remedy in the form of an election petition that can nullify the results if the court finds.

We’ll bring you the outcome of that case when it becomes available.