Press Release: Caribbean Federation of Police Welfare Associations Reaches out to Dominica

by: - December 6, 2019
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December 5, 2019 In accordance with its constitution, a primary mission of the Caribbean Federation of Police Welfare Associations (CFPWA) is to be the principal regional organization for promoting and facilitating collaboration and co-operation in the development of representation on behalf of its members. It is in fulfillment of this mandate that the Caribbean Federation of Police Welfare Association (CFPWA) is monitoring the recent political developments in the Commonwealth of Dominica as it impacts our member the Dominica Police Welfare Association.


We recognize the unfortunately challenging environment that faces our Dominican police colleagues in what appears to be a very volatile political environment. It is the view of the CFPWA that the safety and security of the society of the various jurisdictions is the primary responsibility of the respective police organizations working in tandem with their respective governments to achieve such an objective. Our Police organizations are mandated to execute their duties with the highest levels of professional standards, dedication and impartiality while having regards to their constitution, human rights, personal safety and the safety of the wider community.


The Caribbean Federation of Police Welfare Association will defend the integrity of its police officers in its member states and strongly condemns any form of attack whether motivated by political beliefs or otherwise that is intended to bring stress and discomfort to our fellow officers who have taken the oath of office to carry out their functions in accordance with the laws and principles that govern their existence and that of their countrymen. The CFPWA salutes the Regional Security System (RSS) and other law enforcement bodies that have journeyed from the various jurisdictions and who are presently lending their support to our colleagues in Dominica.


We support and urge our officers to continue to maintain and display the highest levels of professional standards while exercising restraint without any compromise to personal safety. The CFPWA extends best wishes to the Government and people of Dominica and stand ready to work with the government to promote safety to our people in the region while enhancing the welfare of our officers and keeping them motivated.

C.F.P.W.A Press Release 05.12.19