Pastor Griffin Daniel Pleads for Peace and Unity During Elections

by: - December 5, 2019
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Pastor Griffin Daniel


Evangelist, Pastor Griffin Daniel has called on citizens to promote peace and unity.  This in light of the recent violent protest action in the country this week.

In a statement addressing citizens, Pastor Daniel alluded to a message from the Bishop of Roseau, His Lordship Gabriel Malzaire.

“Bishop Malzaire, I did read and listen to you and what you said made so much sense. You spoke to the hearts of all of us, not only those who were sitting listening to you on that particular Sunday,” Pastor Daniel said referring to a statement made by His Lordship reminding  citizens  to recognize that every adult has the privilege to vote according to his or her conscience, and therefore the duty, not to neglect to exercise this precious right.

“We have all learnt form the Honorable Prime Minister that Polling Day for the upcoming General Elections will be on Friday, December 6, 2019.  It is the day when all eligible voters in the Commonwealth of Dominica will have the privilege to exercise their franchise by electing the leaders who will govern for the next five years. It is indeed a sacred duty and a noble responsibility entrusted to all,” the Bishop expressed further.

His Lordship Malzaire also called on Dominicans to not lose sight of who they are as a Christian nation.

Meanwhile, addressing citizens from the stand point of a Pastor and a Dominican citizen, Pastor Daniel made it clear that Dominica has been a peaceful country and should remain so.

“Fellow citizens, let us reflect on the importance of this election and let us do the rightful thing. I call on us to stop the fighting in our country. Our country has been a peaceful one and should not change. Let us show it over and over again, even at the time when we share different opinions.”

He went on to encourage that civilians set an example for the upcoming generations, bearing in mind that they are being monitored worldwide. “I want to remind us that the world is looking at us, what example are we setting for our future generation?”

Pastor Daniel went on to plead with political leaders on both sides encouraging them to “ask our people to be peaceful”, and urged voters to exercise their voting rights according to their consciences.

“Let’s all go to the polls on polling day and vote according to our consciences, I call on us, let us remember this, our country, and let us make sure that we do the right thing on this election day.”

In closing, he reiterated, “I condemn very, very strongly with no uncertain terms what is happening in our country, I ask all of us to be sober, I ask all of us to be peaceful. I hear each side say they are peaceful but what is peaceful?  I’m calling on all of us to be peaceful!” he stressed.