Saint Lucian Police Deployed to Dominica Ahead of General Election

by: - December 4, 2019
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Minister for National Security, Senator Hermangild Francis Minister for National Security, Senator Hermangild Francis

Tensions continue to rise in Saint Lucia’s sister island, Dominica, as December 6 elections draw near.

The turmoil caused by protesters has sanctioned the assistance of St Lucia’s law enforcement – Minister for National Security Hermangild Francis says there will be deployment of some of the nation’s best and brightest to aid Dominica in its time of political unrest.

Dominica’s opposition United Workers Party says the possibility of electoral fraud mandates the pause of the election.

Supporters of the party have taken to the streets in various acts of protest which have included clashes with law enforcement and mounting of burning roadblocks.

Francis says St Lucia will play its part in encouraging peaceful regional stability by assisting the politically divided Dominica. He said that considering both St Lucia and Dominica are members of the Regional Security System (RSS), Saint Lucia is duty-bound to provide assistance to Dominica during its time of civil unrest.

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