More Road Blocks as Protests Continue

by: - December 4, 2019
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Citizens of Dominica woke up this morning to scenes of blockages at various points of the island.

Protesters have been burning debris and other combustible material causing road blocks in several communities.

The string of events started with the main road blockage at Marigot on Monday, however other communities have joined the action two days ahead of the December 6 general elections.  The communities of Salisbury, an opposition stronghold over the years, Layou, Newtown and Pointe Rond have also been blocked by protesters.

Old fridges, stoves and even derelict vehicles have been thrown into the streets and set ablaze.  Security forces have been deployed in those areas.  Supporters of the government side, seen wearing Dominica Labour Party colours have also taken to the streets to help clear the debris.  Last night, December 3, the President of Dominica, Charles Savarin addressed the nation calling for peace.

Two fires resulting in thick smoke have also been strategically set in Melville Hall in the vicinity of the Douglas-Charles airport in an effort to make it impossible for flights to land today.

Protests broke out on Monday when Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton and former leader of the UWP, Edison James were allegedly issued bench warrants for not showing up to court for a matter related to the events of February 2017.

Some of the road blocks have been cleared but the communities of Salisbury and Marigot where the opposition has its largest support base are still in turmoil.

We will have more updates on this developing story.


Road Block in Salisbury

Road Block at Marigot