Prime Minister Skerrit Assures of a Peaceful Dominica

by: - December 3, 2019
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Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

Hon Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is once again assuring the nation and foreign friends interests that Dominica remains safe and peaceful.

Hon Skerrit thinks this declaration is necessary since he believes the United Workers Party and its supporters are determined to illustrate otherwise.

Months ago and more repeatedly of late, the Hon Prime Minister shared his belief that the Opposition party was engineering a spate of violence to create a picture of disagreeance and unrest in Dominica to invite foreign interference.

Now after numerous incidents of violence and destruction widely circulated on social media, Hon Skerrit is saying again that the island is not overcome by mass protest.

“I assure the public, Dominicans in the diaspora and the international community that despite the deliberate acts of a few people to give the impression of unrest and violence in Dominica this country is safe and free and fair elections will go ahead, on December 6th as scheduled,” he declared.

The Hon Prime Minister goes further to admonish all to maintain the peace, saying, “I urge every Dominican to remain calm; to pursue the path of peace; to adhere to law and order; to be tolerant of the views of others; and to act with restraint in the face of provocation and abuse by lawless and unthinking persons, who are being whipped up as part of a nefarious political agenda.

I have worked too hard to build our friendships in the international community, to have our reputation tarnished now and we have come too far as a country to let a reckless few turn us back now.

“I repeat my call to Lennox Linton, Edison James and the UWP, to bring an end to this lawlessness. I am calling on them to tell their supporters to stop. I am calling on Linton and the UWP to put Dominica first.”

He adds to those appeals is the assurance that law enforcement will not be provoked.

The United Workers Party and its supporters have declared that their protest is to see the electors list cleansed and the issuance of voter ID cards.

The party has said that this Friday’s elections will not be fair.

Hon Skerrit responds that the laws under which elections are taking place, have governed national elections in Dominica, no matter which party was in government or opposition.

He says, “in 41 years of independence, Dominica’s elections have always been free and fair. This time will be no different.”