Application to Postpone General Elections Dismissed By Court

by: - December 3, 2019
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An application filed by Loftus Durand, Atherton Martin and five others to postpone General Elections has been dismissed by the court.

As a result, the date for General Elections remains as December 6th 2019.

At court proceedings today, the above mentioned challenged His Excellency, the President, the Electoral Commission and the Chief Elections Officer,  Cabinet, the Attorney General and DBS Radio in hopes of having the date for elections postponed.

On Monday,  Attorney-at-Law, Lennox Lawrence, representing the President told the court that the application to postpone the date of elections was an abuse of the court’s process.

He explained that since the writ from the Office of the President was already released with the date of elections, a petition should have bought to the Electoral Commission regarding postponement of the date, and not the court.

Justice Bernie Stephenson ruled that the court does not have the jurisdiction to grant such an injunction, since President Charles Savarin had already issued the writ to hold the polls, and the challenge could only be made by election petition.

“The conduct of election in Dominica is governed by the Constitution. When an election is called, the country enters into a period called elections, the Parliament is dissolved. This court cannot intrude on the elections once the writ has been issued by the President. I understand that the applicants may have legitimate concerns but that can be done otherwise – and that is after the election, via elections petition and so, declare that this court has no jurisdiction to grant the reliefs sought,” the judge said.