Notice: Temporary Traffic Measures for UWP Rally

by: - November 29, 2019
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In an effort to ensure persons not associated with United Workers Party (UWP) rally carded for this weekend are not unduly hindered, the Dominica Police Force will be conducting traffic management on Saturday 30th November 2019.

The UWP has scheduled the launching of its manifesto at the Newtown savannah on Saturday.

According to Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Police Force, Simon Edwards all are advised to adhere to temporary traffic measures.

The report further states that motorists travelling south to Newtown and other southern communities will do so via the lower Morne Bruce Road. Upon reaching the intersection of lower Morne Bruce Road and center street Kingshill, will continue unto a southerly direction onto backstreet Kingshill then travel in a westerly direction along Melville Battery Road unto Newtown Public Road.

Motorists travelling south along Bath Road will be diverted to the Morne Bruce main road to exit at Backstreet Kingshill unto Victoria Street.

There will be one lane parking on Victoria Street from the intersection of High Street and Melville Battery Road.

There will be no parking on either sides of Bath Road from the intersection of Independence Street and Morne Bruce. Motorists will not be allowed to travel in a westerly direction on lower Kingshill, Center Street on to Bathroad.

Motorists travelling north along Victoria Street in the vicinity of DBS Radio will be diverted right unto High Street on to Bath Road. Motorists will not be allowed to travel in any direction along Victoria Street between the roundabout and the junction of High Street.

One emergency lane will be maintained and must not be obstructed from the free flow of traffic,

The portion of road between Cornwall Street between High Street and Bath Road shall be maintained as an emergency lane. Only local access shall be permitted on this portion of road.