DLP and UWP Comment on Aljazeera Investigative Report

by: - November 27, 2019
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Honorable Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit believes that what may seem like a personal attack on him as the country’s leader is an attack on the country.

This comes after an Aljazeera investigative report accused both the Prime Minister’s Dominica Labour Party and the United Workers Party as well as other regional nations of selling diplomatic positions.

At a Dominica Labour Party zonal meeting in Warner on Tuesday evening, the Dominica leader responded.

“We have found ourselves, ladies and gentlemen, defending our country from an assault. There are some who are bent on seeking to destroy our country’s good name. I say to you that all of us in Dominica who say we love our country and care about our country must stand in defense of Dominica,” he told DLP supporters.

Prime Minister Skerrit added, “I have always told people that the attacks on Roosevelt Skerrit is not really on Roosevelt Skerrit but is about Dominica.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister, Reginald Austrie added at that event that the Aljazeera report was an initiative of the Opposition.

Austrie described the production as a scheme to undermine the Citizenship by Investment Program.

“Lennox Linton left dominica, went to the united states and told the American government that Roosevelt Skerrit is guilty of selling passports to criminals and bandits hoping that the United States would issue an embargo on this country and bring our economy to its knees,” he began.

“All of us here know that maybe our only source of income, especially after Hurricane Maria, is the Citizenship by Investment Programme.  Every single one of us here can attest to the benefits that we have accomplished under the CBI Programme. We have been able to continue all of our programmes because of the Citizenship by Investment Programme. We have been able to create a new economy,” Austrie elaborated.

Deputy Prime Minister, Reginald Austrie called on Dominicans to rally behind the Prime Minister and reward him for his work for Dominica over the past 19 years.

The United Workers Party led by Lennox Linton also appear to be implicated in the Aljazeera report.

Speaking on a morning talk show on Tuesday, the leader of the Opposition, Lennox Linton, expressed regret.

“I’m very sorry for those who were upset and concerned, perturbed, worried, angry about what they saw this morning especially insofar as it concerns that Opposition. It’s out there in the universe; the whole question is what [can I] come to you with. It’s not the promise that my actions will always be right and will never be misinterpreted one way or the other. We are all human, we all make mistakes but my commitment is sincere and that commitment is to work hard to create the best possible Dominica for all of us. And in that best possible Dominica, there is no place for diplomatic passports, diplomatic immunity and ambassadorships to anybody far less crooks and criminals. We will outlaw it.”

Linton stands firm that he is not involved in any diplomatic passport sales or sales.

While he admits being familiar with the Aljazeera reporter, he says the report televised on Monday evening was an attempt to implicate him in a web.

The report posted to YouTube exceeds 64,000 views.