Commentary: The Real Corrupters of Elections in Dominica

by: - November 26, 2019
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1. The former Prime Minister of St Kitts told the Nation of St Kitts that Edison James travelled to St Kitts to sell his Government a citizenship program on behalf of Henley & Partners, namely the Sugar Diversification Investment Fund (SDIF) in St. Kitts. The SDIF is an integral part of the Citizenship by Investment Program in St.Kitts; a program at one time managed under an exclusive contract by Henley & Partners. We also know Lennox Linton travelled several times to St Kitts with Edison James.

2. Subsequently to the Government of St Kitts’ agreement to establish the SDIF , a sum of over $500,000.00 ECD was deposited in a Scotia Bank accounts in St Kitts & Nevis. In 2005 many of us believed it was funds from Taiwan but it was not. We were told this consideration for the sale and establishment of the SDIF. It must be recalled that when questioned on his several trips to St Kitts, Lennox Linton said he had to travel to earn a living as no one in Dominica wanted to employ him. This is an admission by Linton that he went to work and earn money in St Kitts.

3. The prior to the 2005 election Edison James travelled to Switzerland. This approved by the UWP Executive

4. Edison C James stayed at the Hotel Helmhaus. There Mr. James met with a number of foreign nationals with high net worth. Every one of those foreign nationals requested and required diplomatic passports and postings in exchange for funding. Edison C James agreed.

5. As a direct result, Mr. James was able to secure the campaign financing for the 2005 election from six of the persons he met in Zurich of between 3 to 6b millio0n ECD.

6. One of these persons was Howell Woltz, an American who was later convicted and spent 86 months in federal prison for financial fraud. In its Preliminary Statement in DOCKET NO. 3:06CR74-Britt filed by the US Government in seeking to revoke Howell Wiltz’s bail order the FBI agent who conducted the sting operation said

“Finally, Defendants have an unusual ability to maneuver overseas. The entire family has Trinidadian passports (although no passport is necessary to get into the Bahamas), and Defendant bragged to the undercover, “I will be issued a diplomatic passport for the nation of Dominica . . . and cannot be inspected . . . so that will be comforting, because I get a little nervous when people send papers to the U.S.” Defendant Howell Woltz has traveled at least once to the government’s knowledge with co-conspirators on a private jet, and was in discussions to buy his own private jet in January 2004.”


7. Transfer records disclose that the campaign contributions negotiated by Edison James ranged from one hundred and fifty thousand (USD$150,000) to three hundred thousand dollars (USD$300,000) from six persons. This amounts to 3 to 6 millions of dollars ($EC) which were telex transferred to Dominica, and subsequently distributed to Edison C James ( in cash) and companies in Dominica, owned and controlled by executive members of the UWP. Records were kept of the transfers and disbursements.

8. The information and records disclose the following

• Cash payments to Edison C James
• 5th January 2005 Cheque # 1573 to XX company for EC$290, 000
• 5th January 2005, cheque # 1574 to Nicks Apartments for EC$98, 000
• 12th January 2005, cheque # 1585 to XX company for EC$510, 000
• 3rd February 2005, cheque # 1619 written to Nicks Trading for EC$95, 000.00
• 3rd February 2005, cheque # 1620 to XX company for EC$385, 000
• 24th February 2015 cheque # 1731 to XX company for EC$500, 000
• 14th March 2005 cheque # 1822 to XX company for EC$335, 000
• 8th April 2005, cheque # 1882 to company for EC$500, 000
• 8th April 2005, cheque #1888 written to Carib Intercontinental Limited for $50, 000
• 17th April 2005, cheque #1914 written to Carib Intercontinental Limited for $100, 000
• 19th April, cheque #1919 to XX company for $90, 000
• 23rd April, cheque #1937 to XX company for $400, 000
• 26th April, cheque # 1939 written to Carib Intercontinental Limited for $150, 000

9. In 2009 someone or persons paid SCL/Cambridge Analytica 1.5 Million USD to manage the UWP’s campaign.

10. These are indisputable facts.

11. In both 2005 and 2009 Linton was part of Edison’s inner cabal, and the frontline activist for the UWP. These funds were corrupt and received in complete silence without a blink or wink then or today from Lennox Linton, Spags, Lugay, Corbette, Alex Bruno, Athie, Matt, Ron, Felix, Clayton, Gabriel, Randy Rodney, Loftus, Le Blanc, Thomas Letang, some in the Evangelical or Christian Council, some of the priests, minister or monsignors and others who now howl “reform,” and/ or any of the new candidates.

12. Now in 2019 the UWP and many of those mentioned in paragraph 11 above speak of election fraud and corruption, without mention of the fact the UWP received cash and the benefit of between 7 to 10 million ECD without complaint. Instead, they focus on lies, fake news and the complete misrepresentation and distortion of the law and constitution, all in a clever or dishonest attempt to protect and free the real corrupters of our election process, the United Workers Party.

13. The deception or hypocrisy will not work.

14. Now we have Linton caught in a snare and a rat trap on Al Jazeera!