PM Says UWP in Cahoots with Aljazeera for CBI Documentary

by: - November 25, 2019
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The Hon Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit issued a warning on Saturday, November 24th evening to individuals with interest in blackening Dominica’s good name.

The Prime Minister said he has been informed of the production of a documentary on Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Hon Skerrit spoke at a campaign rally in St. Joseph this past weekend.

He said, “I have been informed that Aljazeera intends to do a documentary about alleged sale of diplomatic passports in Dominica. The allegations being made were sent to me and they are the very same ones that [Lennox] Linton, UWP and Mas in d Cemetery have been making up and repeating over the past several years. It was clear to me as it will be to you that either Linton, the UWP directly or their foreign collaborators provided these baseless allegations to Aljazeera for political reasons.”

“People who libel me will find themselves before the Courts,” he added.

Prime Minister Skerrit said information provided is baseless and politically motivated designed to illustrate a Dominica in chaos so that foreign powers would see it necessary to take over the country’s election process.

The Hon Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit addressed the electoral reform issue yet again on the weekend.

The Dominican leader affirmed that the laws regarding the elections have not changed.

“The Opposition is trying to suggest that the Government is doing something unlawful but every Government elected in Dominica has been elected using these same laws under which the current election is being carried out in our country. The UWP became the government with these laws and the UWP became the Opposition with these laws.

“The Dominica Labour Party was in Opposition with these laws and we contested the elections and became the government with these very same laws.”

The Prime Minister further said that no amendments nor reform is no fault of the government.

“The Opposition is saying that the government is refusing to carry out electoral reform and that is why they have to protest. We established a committee to deal with it. We brought in all the equipment to carry our the new [system] of voting in Dominica. We developed the legislation.

“We laid it in Parliament, the Opposition had the opportunity to suggest amendments and they did not. On August 18th, last year, Lennox Linton and the UWP indicated that they were satisfied with the draft laws which would have created electoral reform and we could proceed with the legislation. One week later, the same UWP using an attorney and an of the activists brought an injunction against Government to stop the legislation from going ahead.”

The Prime Minister disapproves of attempts to involve foreign bodies, in the business of Dominica’s electoral process.

He believes that if this interference becomes necessary, it should be in Dominica’s best interest to be from an organisation with a Dominican in a leadership position.