Address by the President of BPW Dominica on the 16 Days of Activism

by: - November 25, 2019
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President of BPW Dominica, Rhoda St. John


As we go about our daily lives, we must all remember that violence against women and girls are still very rampant, not just in our society but across the world. We continue to face division, selfishness, hatred, jealously, anger, bitterness, and most importantly–emotional, physical, verbal and mental abuse not just by men, but women also. Violence against women in any form is not acceptable.

DOMESTIC and all form of VIOLENCE is and ABUSE is NOT accepted. It’s time to stand up and speak out, enough is enough, end violence against women and girls, at school, in the home, on the job, in government, at churches, on the playground, the list continues. Do not sit and watch your neighbor being abused and say she look for it, don’t sit and see your friend being abused and say good for her, do not help your partner, family, peers to lambaste others and say is my friend that, its time to stand for right and do right.

BPW Dominica will in the near future take action, and fight the cause of violence of all forms, especially verbal abuse that oh so common abuse that seems to be emotionally psychologically killing our females in society. We call on Dominica to introduce a sex offenders registry, and amend the law to punish the perpetrators of verbal abuse once found guilty of such, our women are hurting, their reputation being diminished, their characters tarnished and continue to be all because no one is paying for their tongue.

I am a victim of verbal abuse and I say enough is enough, there are many women hurting all because of verbal abuse. On this day, the beginning of our 16 days of activism, I encourage all Dominicans to stand up and steak out against violence against women and verbal abuse against women in our society.