Barbados Passes Ganja Legislation for Rastafarians

by: - November 25, 2019
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Barbados, November 24th, 2019- Government has officially passed legislation to allow the local Rastafarian community to use cannabis, however, those seeking to take advantage of the new Act will have to satisfy a number of provisions first.

The Sacramental Cannabis Act 2019 was approved during a sitting in the House of Parliament on Friday with 15 clauses outlining how Rastas are to gain access to, use and handle the plant.

The AG told the House the aim was to keep the Bill as simple as possible recognizing that too many restrictions would be to the detriment of those in the faith but at the same time give these one certain freedoms.

“What we have tried to do is give … the Rastafarian faith, the protection of the law so that for the purposes of the practice of their faith in their churches, when they are in possession and using cannabis then the provisions of the drug abuse legislation do not apply.”

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