Suspended NYCD President Refuses to Step Down

by: - November 22, 2019
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Paul Baron


The National Youth Council of Dominica is distancing itself from current president, Paul Baron who insists on maintaining his position.

The council issued a statement this week stating that several incidents have led the rest of the executive to oust its president for the tarnishing of the NYCD name and reputation.

Baron took to Facebook to air his feelings.

He says he does not accept that decision arguing that he remains the president of the National Youth Council of Dominica. Baron insists that his position remains.

“I want to make it abundantly clear that I am the duly elected president of the NYCD and that was achieved on April of 2018. And further I remain to be the president.”

Meanwhile, the NYCD statement goes on to inform Baron that he has engaged in a series of actions and statements that the other executive members have deemed unacceptable in his position as president.

Within the NYCD statement, Article 8 section 10 of the NYCD constitution was cited.

It states:  “the national executive shall have the power to suspend a member of any committee pending the calling of a general assembly to resolve the matter, provided that two thirds (2/3) of the total membership of the national executive are in favor of such suspension.”

Still, Baron rebutted that such section of the constitution is only applicable to standing members and so it does not apply to him.

He wrote, “At present there are no standing committees within the National Youth Council neither [am] I member of any. Therefore the actions of the executive board are unconstitutional, null and void.”

It is understood that currently seven members of the eight existing and functioning executive agree on baron’s suspension.

The statement further relays that as of October 15th 2019, Baron was informed that he should desist from any action that constitutes him representing the National Youth Council as president until general assembly.