DFP Will Not Contest to “Avoid Splitting Votes”

by: - November 18, 2019
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Dominica Freedom Party political leader, Kent Vital

The Dominica Freedom Party led by Kent Vital says one of the reasons for which it is bowing out of the General Elections is that Dominica needs rescue.

Leading up to the announcement on Thursday, November  14th, Vital painted a picture of a Dominica populated by a suffering people struggling in an unsuccessful economy.

The DFP leader said, “Over the last 19 years, our country has failed miserably to provide the economic, social, political and sustainable development which would have put us on par with our sister Caribbean countries.

“But what is responsible for this? The Dominica Freedom Party is of the view that this has been due to bad governance of the Dominica Labour Party. Our country seems to be heading down the wrong path and if we do not change course urgently, this country will become one where poverty and lawlessness thrive. We are already among the worst performers in the Caribbean in so many areas. But it will only get worse if we do not change direction.”

Kent Vidal leader of the Dominica Freedom Party says that this picture had led to the resurgence of the Dominica Freedom Party and so scores of Dominicans had rested their hopes in the DFP, encouraged by its rebirth.

Those factors identified by the party leader, however, did not result in the DFP staking their claim for the chance to create a Dominica that meets their ideal.

“…in light of the stark financial realities caused by weak economy, and given political victimization which many of our people experienced due to association with our party, we have had significant setbacks,” Vital reasoned.

“Notwithstanding the strong desire of many persons to see our country rescued from the Roosevelt Skerrit regime. A regime which is leading Dominica down a path of being a destitute and rogue country, many of our members, our supporters, our well-wishers, have advised us that we should avoid splitting the votes in such a critical general election.

“Many have further advised that the party should focus on the next general elections in 2024/2025, so as to allow a straight contest between the United Workers Party, and the Dominica Labour Party in the upcoming General Elections,” he gave as reasons.