Roseau Votes for New Council

by: - November 18, 2019
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Incumbent Mayor of Roseau, Irene John

Fifteen candidates are contesting the Roseau City Council elections today Monday November 18th.

Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Roseau City Council, Thomas Baptiste gave a brief explanation of how residents select the governors of the capital.

Baptiste stated, “The Roseau City Council Elections is a very important election in that it elects persons to serve on the government of the city. Of the persons offering themselves up for elections within the wards, only two persons will be elected so in each ward you have two elected persons and there will be eight elected officials.

Ward 1 comprises Elmshall and Turkey Lane to Castle Comfort. The candidates for Ward 1 are Kalisha George, Ermine Renee, Ken Joseph and Marissa Joseph.

Ward 2 comprises Roseau Central to Palm Grove. The candidates for Ward 2 are Rea Brumant, Ericson Romain, Rhoda St. John and Jillian Shillingford.

Ward 3 is made up of Goodwill and St. Aroment. The candidates are Jason Timothy, Michael Moreau and Shakirah Winston.

Ward 4 runs from Pottersville to the Glasgow ridge. Wayne Benjamin, Sherman Boston, Kimara Hurtault and Merilda Adams.”

Baptiste says, “The Minister responsible for local government will nominate five other members who will form part of a 13-member council… who will from among themselves elect a chairman, and that chairman will carry the title of Mayor of Roseau.”

“Persons are advised to go out to support their candidate and to vote in this election. Persons who are eligible to vote; they must be first citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica, have attained the age of 21 and upwards, and should be a resident in the city of Roseau or within the municipality of Roseau 6 months before the nomination date.”