Plans for New Mahaut Health Centre Revealed

by: - November 13, 2019
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Health centre first floor design

The Mahaut constituency has been promised a new health facility.

That is according to DLP candidate for that constituency, Rayburn Blackmoore.

At a recent town hall meeting, Project Manager of Montreal Management Consultants (MMCE), Christopher Timmins revealed that a new health center will be erected near the Tiza playing field in Mahaut.

Timmins, reported, “The health centre has two beds for short term stay for patients, a doctor’s consulting room, nurses consulting room/treatment room, two multi-purpose clinics which can be used for what the individual centre decides it needs and a pharmacist vaccine stores where drugs can be dispensed.”

He continued, “Upstairs we have self-contained accommodations for up to four nurses. They will have their own kitchen, a very large living/dining room, bathrooms and access to a large balcony so they can relax when they’re not trying to make people better.”

MMCE is contracted by Government for 11 healthcare centres island-wide.

Health centre ground-floor