UWP Salybia Candidate in Spotlight After Letter Surfaces

by: - November 12, 2019
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                                                          Anette Sanford

A letter addressed to the Hon Prime Minister alleged to be from Salybia constituency hopeful, former nursing professional, Anette Sanford has surfaced raising questions about her charges against the Dominica Labour Party.

Sanford was presented as the candidate this past weekend.

At that event, she accused the DLP, led by the Hon Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, of offering to “buy her” loyalty to the DLP.

“Soon after I made public my intention to replace Dr. Sanford as the candidate for Team Dominica, the United Workers Party, I was approached by strategists from the Dominica Labour Party, including the Prime Minister,” said Sanford.

“They were prepared to immediately reinstate me into my nursing job, with a promotion as Ward Sister within two days. Two days [and] I would have my job back and be a Ward Sister at the Princess Margaret Hospital on the condition that I would not contest the seat for the United Workers Party.”

Sanford continued, “I am pleased to inform you that I flatly rejected the offer. I am a patriot, and stand on principle, and as such, I will not be purchased by the purchaser in-chief, Roosevelt Skerrit.”

She said that the strategists including the Hon Prime Minister offered her $120,000.

In a letter dated August 29th 2019, the writer acknowledges resigning from a nursing position to contest the Kalinago Chief elections in which the contender was unsuccessful.

The writer, alleged to be Anette Sanford, appeals for reinstatement in the nursing job at an elevated level with consideration to relevant qualifications.

Some believe that the request was not granted and led to Sanford’s bribery accusations.

Critics say Sanford’s September announcement of her candidacy for the general elections on a UWP ticket is retaliation.