Online Electors List is Unsanctioned- Electoral Commission

by: - November 12, 2019
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The Electoral Office of Dominica advises the public to beware of misleading information that could be inferred from an illegitimate digital online list that is being circulated across social media platforms.

The Electoral Office does not publish, sell or release digital copies of the Register of Electors for any reason. Despite this, claims by entities responsible for the digital list have sought to pass this unauthorized digital list as purporting to be the same as the list of electors and the Electoral Office strongly discourages persons from disseminating or referencing it as a source of information.

This tainted list is in no way affiliated with the Electoral Office or any of its systems or processes.

The public is reminded that physical copies of the Register of Electors produced by the Electoral Office for publication or for sale are the ONLY legitimate source of elector information available in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

The Electoral Office of Dominica, under the direction of the Chief Elections Officer is the only entity empowered by the Registration Of Electors Act (Chap 2:03) to collect, guard and produce elector information and the production and publishing of these lists is done multiple times per year.
As required by law, lists are created periodically and published in each polling district in Dominica and are also made available at the homes of Registering and Assistant Registering Officers, at the public library and the Electoral Office.

Persons may also purchase copies of the list in its entirety, by constituency or by polling district.

For the sake of clarity, the information contained in this digital list was not issued by our systems and persons should not be afraid if their names do not appear on it. Voter information is publicly available through scrutiny of the Register of Electors and any person wanting to settle whether their name is on that authentic list should visit one of the locations where the relevant list is posted or call the Electoral Office to inquire whether or not their name appears on the most recent list, the Preliminary List of September 2019.

Persons who have recently registered, meaning between the end of September 2019 and November 6th 2019, the day the writs were issued by the President with respect to the upcoming general elections on December 6th, are to check the Supplementary list for their names.

This list is due to be published in all polling districts later this week.

For more information speak to the Assistant Registering Officer in your community or call the Electoral Office at 266-3336.