DLP Launches Final Two Candidates

by: - November 11, 2019
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Melissa Skerrit (left) Denise Charles (right)

The Dominica Labour Party has launched all of its new candidates for the 2019 General Elections.

Over the weekend, the party launched and endorsed two of its female candidates.

At her candidacy launching Saturday 9th November 2019, wife of the Hon Prime Minister and DLP hopeful for the Roseau Central Constituency, Melissa Poponne Skerrit informed constituents that she wishes to be their voice.

“I want to fight your causes, want to shoulder your concerns, I want to help expand your businesses, I want to bring more development, I want to lift Roseau Central up, I want Roseau Central to be the best constituency in this country,” she said.

Highlighting her faith in her constituency and constituents, Poponne Skerrit continued, “I believe and know in my heart that this constituency has a lot to offer and I want it to reach its full potential: beautiful, prosperous, with everyone living in dignity, everyone working for a decent salary so they can make ends meet, everyone having fair opportunity and everyone playing their role to build the most dynamic Dominica.”

Mrs. Skerrit was endorsed by her husband, Dominica Labour Party Leader, Hon Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit.

“In the course of my political career, I have introduced many candidates in constituencies across this country. As party leader, I have had to select candidates for constituencies all over this country, this one is different, ” he began. “I have never struggled as much with choosing a candidate as I did when choosing the candidate for Roseau Central in this elections. As with all other constituencies, I had to choose the best candidate, the one who has the best chance of winning.

“That is my responsibility as party leader. A party leader has to choose a candidate who the constituents tell you that they want the most….. no matter where I turn, who I asked, who talked to me, or came forward to make a case for a candidate, they were all calling the same name.”

Addressing his supporters, Hon Skerrit said, “I still hesitated, I was convicted. As party leader, I wanted a candidate that could win, as a man, I wanted my wife at home. I wanted to keep her safe and shield her from the vicious attacks that the other side is capable of. As Prime Minister I knew that she was the right choice and I had to yield to the will of the people.”

Meanwhile, the following day, DLP candidate for the Soufriere Constituency, Denise Charles was officially endorsed for this year’s elections.

Charles replaced Ian Pinard as MP in 2016, following Pinard’s resignation.

In her address at Soufriere on Sunday evening, Charles assured her constituents that her achievements are theirs.

“I have spoken to all of you and the common ambition among all of you in this constituency is a desire to build better lives for yourselves and your families, to have a comfortable home and to ensure that our community has essential services and recreational facilities.

“As a Point Mitchel native, it should come as no surprise that I , too share the same desires for our community. It is hard to explain the pride and joy I feel when watching my constituency and its people develop. When one of us prospers in this constituency, we all prosper. Your success is my mission,” she expressed.

Denise Charles hopes to retain her seat while UWP candidate , Sam Christian challenges.