Twelve Students of the Dominica State College Successful at the OAS/AHLEI Hospitality Training

by: - November 8, 2019
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The Dominica State College Division of Tourism & Hospitality Studies is pleased to note that twelve students were successful in the just-concluded OAS/AHLEI Hospitality Training. The Hospitality Studies Majors ranging from Year I to Year III, registered with 100% pass in the areas of specialization such as:

  • Front Desk Representative (2)
  • Restaurant Service (8)
  • Guest Room Attendant. (2)

The Division and the Dominica State College are proud of the students for their remarkable scores in the final evaluations. Two students are to be highlighted for their exceptional performance – Jesslyn Nelson who scored 100 and Iverson Walter-Robinson who only received the training manual the first day of the specialized training, as opposed to the others who had 3 weeks of preparation, yet still scored 83% on the final evaluation.

The President, Management and staff of the Division of Tourism & Hospitality Studies take this opportunity to wish all the students well in their future endeavors, with this added specialized skill, as these credentials are globally accepted.


1. Shanica Carbon Front Desk Representative
2. Whitney Williams Front Desk Representative
3. Onealiah Davis Restaurant Service
4. Julina James Restaurant Service
5. Roesha Michel Restaurant Service
6. Brenton Moses Restaurant Service
7. Jesslyn Nelson Restaurant Service
8. Milano Remie Restaurant Service
9. Frances Sampson Restaurant Service
10. Iverson Walter-Robinson Restaurant Service
11. Nisa Dodds Guest Room Attendant
12. Joanne Morgan Guest Room Attendant