Roseau Valley MP Discusses Housing Projects

by: - October 30, 2019
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Hon Dr John Colin McIntyre

An event took place in Trafalgar on Tuesday night to present to residents of the Roseau Valley plans for a housing boom.

Hon Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Valley Constituency, Dr John Collin McIntyre, revealed that 45 apartment units will be built in Trafalgar.

He listed, “We have 13 apartments being built in Lily Valley; in Cochrane we are looking at 29 units in those apartments. We are also looking at some separate units in those apartments as well because of land constraints. We have owned the land in Cochrane for a number of years and we are happy to start this project very soon.

“In Laudat, we will be acquiring some land; we are looking at 50-unit apartment buildings.

“In Wotten Waven we are looking at 40-unit apartments and in Morne Prosper, we are starting off with a first 24 units.”

Honorable Dr McIntyre stressed to constituents the surety of the initiative saying, “These are not pie in the sky prospects. [In Lily Valley] you will see a huge building; it is on earth and not in the sky. The other [guys] talk all sorts of nonsense about pies in the skies but in this party led by our Prime Minister, we are talking about real and true projects that we have been launching on the ground.”