Government to Reveal Designs For 150 Houses in City

by: - October 28, 2019
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Hon. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

Government is revealing to the public its plans to build 150 houses in the city of Roseau.

At 6pm this evening, all are invited to see the details of this initiative.

Hon Prime Minister and Minister for Housing and Finance, Roosevelt Skerrit made the announcement today.

“[There are] two alternate sites: one on the Riverbank and the other oppositie the Dominica Grammar School. We will be sharing with the residents of Roseau the part of the strategy to solve the housing situation in Roseau. Pur intention is to build 150 residences in the city.”

Hon Skerrit explained that the ground floors of those houses will be suitable for small businesses and so Government will be renting out these structures.

“Rent is prohibitive for many people trying to make a living and to start small businesses so while we are renting to them it will be at a nominal rate. We don’t want to displace people …in the process. We are trying to find a marriage, so to speak, for all of those competing issues.”

Hon Prime Minister Skerrit says Roseau was selected for this project because he believes it adds quaintness to the island’s appeal.

“We’re deliberately building those in the city because we believe that [part] of the uniqueness of Roseau as a city in the Caribbean is that is that it is one of the few cities with residences. Most cities in the Caribbean are more commercial so we need to bring back this renaissance of Roseau,” he said.

“[Preceding] generations had gone out to Canefield East, Wallhouse and Castle Comfort. For those who remained in the city, housing is a major issue. The lots are small and are mostly rented so we are addressing this.”

The designs will be revealed this evening on River Street near the West bridge on the construction site of the riverside promenade.