Importers Asked to be Cautious with Agricultural Material

by: - October 24, 2019
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Head of Plant Protection and Quarantine Unit, Nelson Laville

Visitors to the island at this time are being reminded to be mindful of importing products which could introduce foreign pests and diseases to the island.

The call comes from Head of the Plant Protection and Quarantine Unit of the Division of Agriculture, Nelson Laville.

He says that at a time when the island receives an influx of visitors, protecting Dominica’s biodiversity is paramount.

“We are asking you to help us and be vigilant and conscious of the risks involved in carrying plant material, live animals and animal products. They pose a risk to the bio-security, biodiversity plant health of the country.”

To raise awareness of those issues, the Unit has erected informational banners at ports of entries across the island.

The Plant Protection and Quarantine Unit specialises in providing information for those hoping to bring in raw agricultural matter.

Laville asks that travelers who wish to bring in produce contact the unit at the division of agriculture for further details.

He encouraged visitors to fully cooperate with customs officers at the ports of entry.

“In this season when we have so many people coming in for our festive time, we are having fun but we need to be conscious of the risks so we are asking all travellers to be aware and they should declare all their agricultural commodities to the Customs department or the Plant Protection Officer at the ports. We will inspect, certify and assist.”

Laville says be sure to get an import permit from the Plant Protection and Quarantine Service based in the Botanic Gardens if you intend to bring in items to the country.

“When you’re coming in, be sure to bring a phyto certificate and an import permit.”