32 New Homeowners in Hillsborough Garden, St. Joseph

by: - October 11, 2019
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Houses in Phase 1 Hillsborough Garden, St Joseph

Thirty-two families have received new homes in the St. Joseph constituency.

On Wednesday, October 8th, at the ceremony marking the end of Phase Two of the Hillsborough Garden Development project, the keys were handed over by the Government of Dominica to the families identified for support.

Hon Parliamentary Representative for the St. Joseph Constituency, Kelver Darroux revealed that the 2- bedroom units total US $83,120.00 while the 3-bedroom units total US $99,030.00.

Hon Darroux highlights this project as just one of the ways of empowering Dominicans.

He shared, “I had to make this point because this party is about empowering people because you will be empowered with certificates of title in your names. It is your name, your land and your house.”

He said further that while Government’s success in is indisputable, those achievements are not without challenges.

He referenced Hurricane Maria which destroyed 90% of the island’s housing stock.

“This project didn’t come easily,” he said. “In fact, the land was previously surveyed and marked for sale for people to build their own units but then Maria came and I recall coming to Hillsborough Gardens on the morning after the hurricane and seeing total devastation. I was greeted with tears from the many residents whose homes were destroyed.

“We moved in quick time to ensure that the residents of the lower section were re-roofed- they were among the first [to be done] after the hurricane.”

With teary eyes, the Parliament Minister expressed his pleasure in the work that Government has been doing to house his constituents. He encouraged all to be happy for others as well.

“Gratitude is something I believe we have to give back. Too many times as a people we are quick to criticize and make negative comments and remarks. Let us be happy for people because when you are happy for people you are less stressed, you can smile more and that happiness will resonate with you. We have to be happy for people.”

The new homes were presented with electricity and water already connected.