Japan Aid Project Donates $10m in Vehicles and Heavy Machinery

by: - October 11, 2019
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Hon. Francine Baron and H.E. Japanese Ambassador to Dominica, Tatsuo Hirayama

The Government of Japan donated vehicles and equipment in the region of $10m to the Government of Dominica today.

The package included loaders, chains saws, dump trucks, command vehicles and compacter trucks- all heavy equipment designed for use in building the new climate resilient Dominica.

This results from Japan’s Non-Project Grant Aid Programme which has successfully executed three programmes.

The heavy equipment and purpose-built vehicles are products of all three programmes. The Foreign Affairs Ministry says more vehicles are still to come from Programme III in the coming months into the first half of next year.

Japan’s new Ambassador to Dominica, His Excellency Tatsuo Hirayama, who has not yet been accredited by Dominica’s Head of State, says as a citizen of an island state also faced with natural disasters, he identifies with the struggles of mitigating and recovering from climate change events.

He says, “As we speak, typhoon number 19 is approaching the Japanese archipelago and is expected to arrive this coming weekend. All of us know that we cannot control the force of nature and that the only thing that we can do is to make ourselves better prepared so that serious damage can be prevented or mitigated. In this respect, I am convinced that the equipment procured with and our grant assistance, we will contribute to better preparedness and resiliency to natural disasters.”

Dominica’s Hon Minister for Foreign Affairs, Francine Baron, told the small handing over ceremony that since Tropical Storm Erika, Japan has been a valued development partner.

“Over the past four years, in response to Tropical Storm Erika and Hurricane Maria, the Government of Japan has provided to the Government and people of the Commonwealth of Dominica, equipment and supplies valued in excess of EC$9m,” she said.

“The equipment and supplies have helped to build resilience and improve the efficiency of critical first response agencies. Much of the equipment and supplies are already in use and are contributing in a tangible way to our countries recovery and reconstruction,” Minister Baron said.

“This Non-Grant Project Aid from the Government of Japan is being provided in order to support the promotion of the economic and social development of Dominica. It is intended to provide rapid support to developing countries as part of assistance to improve the country’s economic structure.”

The heavy machinery and vehicles officially handed over on Wednesday, October 9th will go to the Office of Disaster Management, the Fire and Ambulance Service, the Public Works Corporation and the Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation.

Programme III of Japan’s Non-Grant Aid Project with Dominica is almost at an end and will see more supplies and equipment designed for disaster response and improving climate resilience.

Minister Baron listed generators, water pumps and emergency lamps with generators that will go to the Ministry of Environment, Climate Resilience, Disaster Management and Urban Renewal and the Office of Disaster Management.

The photos below, according to the Project Manager, are representative of the entire package.