“Stop Political Tribalism”- Reparations Committee

by: - October 4, 2019
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Chairman of the National Reparations Committee, Dr Damien Dublin (file photo)

The Dominica Reparations Committee says it wants a halt to what it says is a political tribalism approach involving frequent public character assassination of citizens both in public and private life and the unjustified posturing of violence.

Chairman of the Dominica Reparations Committee, Dr. Damian Dublin spoke to Dominica Vibes on Tuesday, October 1st.

He said, “The committee proposes striving for a climate of peaceful coexistence, respect for differing views and opinions, toning down of caustic and inflammatory remarks and respect for public constitutional institutions and offices.”

He adds, “A focused determined and amicable expression of constitutional rights as a citizen within a responsible framework is necessary.”

Dr Dublin believe that, “The overall success of the Caribbean Reparations Commission and the Dominica Reparations Committee of this globally recognized and accepted struggle for reparations and reparatory justice for descendants of enslaved Africans and the naked genocide committed against the indigenous population hinges on a focused and unity of purpose from the entire population both here and in the diaspora.”