October 1 is International Day of Older Persons

by: - October 1, 2019
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Today, Dominica joins the rest of the United Nations to observe International Day of Older Persons, under the theme, ‘The Journey to Ageing Equality.’

Significantly, this follows recently concluded activities of the Dominica Council on Ageing’s Month of the Elderly with a conjoined theme ‘Pioneers of Resilience – The Journey to Ageing Equality.’

Honorable Joseph Isaac spoke on behalf of the Honorable Minister for Health and Social Services to convey Government’s commitment to proper care for the elderly in Dominica.

He stated, “Like other members of this global community, this Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica continues to make provision for the aging components of our nation by providing appropriate housing, care and other social programmes; initiatives that see to it that our older persons age gracefully and enjoy golden age.

“It is in this spirit that the international Day of Older Persons theme espouses aging equality; a task and responsibility that every single capable citizen of this nation and the global community must remain in tune with.”

He went on to say about elder abuse, “Our senior citizens deserve better. As a nation, we must remain vigilant and at all costs guard against all evils. We must rise above the fray and act decisively and nobly to be part of the psyche the considers and makes our older persons not just our equals but our adored treasures. We must continue to interact with them, engage them and not let them leave the face of this planet with all their wealth of knowledge.”