I Can and I Will Walk for Cancer Care

by: - September 30, 2019
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Tuesday October 1st begins Breast Cancer Awareness Month and although the Dominica Cancer Society lends support to more than just breast cancer patients, they are choosing this month for their annual walk for cancer awareness.

The society is support group, financial supporter, and advocate for people with cancer in Dominica.

President of the club, Yvonne Alexander told Dominica Vibes that the theme is I Can and I Will Walk for Cancer Care.

This annual walk is the group’s main fundraising activity.

Alexander says the event “allows us to raise much needed funds to assist individuals who cannot afford the cost of treatment. At least we assist them even if we may not be able to pay for everything.

“It also is an awareness raising campaign; by purchasing the T-shirt and walking with us, individuals are assisting us in raising awareness.”

The society is inviting all to walk and raise funds for local cancer patients and to draw attention to the need for quality cancer care.

“We are encouraging everyone who possibly can,” she says, “to join with us, partner with us, and walk for cancer care. Help us raise awareness. We have a tagline: Early Intervention Saves Lives. We need every individual– every able-bodied man and woman to assist us in making this tagline our reality.”

The meeting points are from Mam’s in massacre or from the Pointe Mitchel Cemetery to meet at Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard.

Alexander says the closing ceremony is not to be missed.

“We put on the dancercise last year and patrons seemed to have enjoyed it. So this year again, after a few brief speeches, we are culminating with a dancercise activity.”

The cancer awareness walk takes place this Saturday October 5th.