President Savarin to UNGA: “Our Planet is on Fire”

by: - September 27, 2019
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His Excellency President of Dominica, Charles Savarin addressed the United Nations 74th General Assembly on Thursday, September 26th and highlighted the island’s resolve to set Dominica on a path to becoming the first climate resilient nation worldwide.

President Savarin disclosed that the climate resilience plan is nearing completion and the physical work has started.

Gratitude was extended to the global community who aided in what he calls Dominica’s miraculous recovery after Hurricane Maria.

The President said however that the task is expensive and is far from complete, urging those who have pledged support to deliver.

President Savarin referenced the devastation of major hurricanes in 2017 as well as the more recent disaster of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas as he discussed the crisis of global warming.

“If the devastating impacts of hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017 did not convince us, we can look to the calamity of Hurricane Dorian in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas just a few weeks ago,” he said.

President Savarin warned the assembly that the results of the global warming crisis are homelessness, starvation, and mental anguish.

He appealed “Soon, the phenomenon of climate refugees will also be a new norm. And then Mr. President, there are forest fires, not only in Brazil and the Amazon region, but here in the United States, in Europe, in the Far East.

“When fire strikes your neighborhood, Mr. President, you do not

hold a meeting to determine if your neighbours are insured. You

call out the fire brigade. And this is what we need now, urgent action. Our planet is on fire and we must take immediate steps to quell it.”