Sunday is World Rivers Day

by: - September 26, 2019
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This Sunday is World Rivers Day and chairperson of World Rivers Day committee, Father Franklyn Cuffy wants the public to appreciate rivers.

The theme this year is “Waterways in our Communities”.

In an exclusive interview with Dominica Vibes, Father Cuffy said he wants to increase awareness of river rights and its preservation.

He said, “This is an international occasion from the United Nations because there is a [global] scarcity of water.

“Even here, I am concerned for our 365 rivers because we have that mentality that we will always have rivers and water.”

Meanwhile, the Bense, Anse De Mai, Anse Sol Dat, Hampstead Community Tourism Group is planning an event at Hampstead on World Rivers Day which promises to be filled with various activities.

Public Relations Officer of the Bense Anse De Mai, Anse Sol Dat, Hampstead, Community Tourism Group, Jacqueline Douglas informed that the educational speech segment will be the highlight of the entire event.

“Educational speeches will focus on how our activities on land affect our rivers and seas and then affect us. We want to link the water with the environmental issues that we have been having. That’s happening all over the world. We have to sensitize people,” Douglas believes.

World Rivers Day will also offer other activities such as pwi-pwi rides and recycled tube rides to Number One Beach & River, swimming lessons and competitions and live music

“We will have food from the river like Veo Water and Titiwi accra prepared in different ways so that people will make the connection between our lives and the life of the river,” Douglas said.