UWP Leader says He Will Call International Investigators

by: - September 26, 2019
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The Hon Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton, today announced that his UWP party will be taking its campaign to the world.

At a press conference on Wednesday, September 25th, he listed measures that his party is willing to take including submitting their claims to international scrutiny.

He told the press that his party is willing to take legal action to follow through on its assertion that the 2019/2020 National Budget did not account for $1.2 billion.

Hon Linton warns of possible international law enforcement interference naming, “A campaign seeking the assistance of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, Britain’s Scotland Yard, InterPol and the European Union’s Financial Intelligence Unit to find the mission $1.2bn and deposit it in the Consolidated Fund of Dominica” and “A campaign to inform the international community of the refusal of the Government of Dominica to account for the missing $1.2bn.”

The Opposition Leader also spoke of upcoming protest action while admitting that no permit has been secured for the events.

The United Workers Party has based its election campaign on what it alleges is a major discrepancy in the National Budget.

Several financial, business and legal heads have stated that this alleged missing money does not belong to the state and so will not be accounted for in the budget. It is held in separate accounts and governed by contracts between the applicant for citizenship and the real estate developer who will build the properties with financial investment from the applicant.